Drop #3: Dino Warriors

A new multi-medium brand

Alien Samurai Dino Warriors is a new multi-medium brand, created by superstar DJ and Actor Dimitri “Vegas” Thivaios, who is teaming up with a crew of all-star creators who have been involved in bringing some of your favorite tv-shows, comics, video games to life. Grab one of these exclusive NFT’s and be part of the ‘Dino Warriors’ community to get access to exclusive content and unique benefits.

Hailing from an advanced, hyper-intelligent society from another dimension, these Dino’s wield incredible weapons powered by a mysterious crystal, are trained in martial arts, and follow the honorable code of the Samurai. Trained by their wise Wooly Mammoth sensei, they must study the ways of combat, evasion, and protecting the innocent.

But their greatest obstacle? Adolescence!

Earth is a tough place for any teenager, let alone a reptilian one. The Dino Warriors will have to learn to work as a team in a world that will forever see them as outsiders, even as that world depends on them to survive…

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