Drop #4: Chiwawows

The First Binarycracy

With the creative mastermind of MARVEL & Cartoon Network writer B. Earl. — ENVOY Network proudly announces to support a community driven NFT project, the very first Binarycracy. Welcome our Chiwawows!

This will be our first NFT drop in benefit to our ENV holders. Stay tuned!

Website, roadmap and more to be announced in the next coming days.

“Ya wanna make it in Space Yacht City? It’s a dog eat dog world…we call it ‘survival of the shittiest’ if ya know what I mean.” -Tommy aka “Sir Barks-A-Lot” Chiwawows come from outer space…literally. They live in a giant crashed space yacht on a planet halfway across the universe. And now you can get up close and personal with these cute little shitheads, helping them build Space Yacht City into a thriving metropolis. The future is bright for these furless non-felines as they vote in the first binarycracy government…and shape Planet Chiwawow with their own four paws!
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